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Pointing Performance Analysis

A pointing performance analysis is a crucial document in every satellite mission. Using our advanced simulation tools, we provide you with a complete and detailed analysis document specifically for your satellite.

Analysis Versions

Feature Basic Medium Full
Description of simulation environment
Detumbling analysis
Thomson-spin analysis
3-axis inertial pointing analysis
ADCS choice recommendation
Up to 2 extra pointing modes* analyses
Up to 3 extra pointing modes* analyses
Simulation raw data csv-file
Input files for STK visualization
Price** Contact us Contact us Contact us

* e.g. Nadir pointing, Zenith pointing, Sun pointing, LLA pointing
** When you purchase an Arcus ADCS for the analysed satellite afterwards, this cost is deducted from the ADCS price.

Send us your filled in input document and
get a detailed pointing analysis of your mission.

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